Oakland Park

The privacy is going to be guaranteed by the size of the plots, where highly comfortable houses are going to be built, surrounded by a number of trees which are going to give additional protection to an intimate atmosphere of the estate.

Oakland Park – space is real luxury:

  • Second stage involves 9 out of 21 mansions
  • More than 22 ha of the estate area
  • Mansions from 350 m²

Location and a unique character of the Oakland Park project give a totally new meaning to everyday activities such as jogging, walking a dog or playing with kids. Oakland Park is the place where you can design your dream space and we are going to put it into practice for you. We look forward to show you the development options of a perfectly located land in an intimate, luxury, consistent and safe enclave.

Plot Surface area Status Capacity analysis Plot map
29/3 1582 m2 Available
29/4 1519 m2 Available
37/2 1503 m2 Available
37/3 1652 m2 Available
37/4 1510 m2 Available
37/5 1789 m2 Available
37/6 2372 m2 Available
37/7 2828 m2 Available
37/8 1766 m2 Available

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