Oakland Park – Your home free
from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Comfort of your own space.

Live among beautiful green areas. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city but have it at hand when you need it. Select a perfect location for your stylish and tailor-made mansion located in the prestigious Oakland Park estate.

The second stage of this outstanding estate of mansions / houses is being carried out in Chylice Półko, right next to an administrative border with Konstancin-Jeziorna.

2,5 kilometres away from Piaseczno

1 kilometre away from Konstancin-Jeziorna

20 kilometres away from central Warsaw

10 kilometres away from newly built part of express way S7

Perfectly prepared space to carry out a project of a dream and safe place is what Fortem Capital S.A. group offers to its clients. A perfect place for active people who appreciate nature and vast green areas. Proximity to river encourages to go for a run, a family walk and enjoy the nature around.

Oakland Park includes more than 22ha, 17 ha of which is a soft landscaped area.

Decide what your reality is going
to look like. Decide who you want
to share it with.

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