About the project

Oakland Park

Large plots ranging
from 1500 m2 to 4000 m2

Buildings amount only
to 25% of the surface area

There is possibility to apply
ecological energy sources

Carrying out the project
of mansions from 300m2

We are to start the second stage of the project of the prestigious Oakland Park estate located in a picturesque border zone of Chojnowski Landscape Park, right next to Konstancin-Jeziorna. Oakland Park is a safe and a discreet place for those who care about their privacy and look for peaceful location close to the nature.

By choosing the Oakland Park enclave, you not only go for a convenient location of a residence but also carefully prepared common spaces. Majestic character of two entrances to the premises, clean and well-maintained banks of water reservoirs, well-lit, safe pavements and alleys are an integral part of the Oakland Park estate. In Oakland Park you decide what is best for you and your loved ones – we put it into practice.

You do not need to worry about bringing the media and, what is more, you can commission us to apply modern, renewable energy sources in your mansion – photovoltaic panels or heat pumps.

  • Discreet and private atmosphere of a villa estate
  • Low, exceptionally comfortable and modern buildings – up to 10 m high
  • Cosy atmosphere of the estate – 21 houses
  • The complex is located on the plots of a total surface area of over 22 ha
  • Outstanding green areas of a border zone of the Landscape Park
  • The houses and the surrounding have been designed by a renowned architecture office
  • The buildings account only for 25% of the plot, which gives spacious, private green area around the house

Fortem Capital S.A.

Fortem Capital S.A. is a unique on the Polish market team of experienced experts who combine in an unconventional way vast expertise of the real estate branch, artistic skills and an edgy approach to financial market solutions. We specialize in real estate purchasing, commercializing, renovating and selling. We carry out original projects and manage the portfolio of a total value of over PLN 155 million. We offer both pre-war tenement houses and real estate development projects.

A highly unique combination of qualifications of our team facilitates the supervision and execution of real estate projects in terms of managing and commercializing them. It guarantees maximum profits and keeping to high standards while completing investment tasks. We pride ourselves on cooperating with the biggest partners, important financial institutions, which enables us to provide and promote top quality assistance to our clients.

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